It’s a beginning

As seen in the ‘about the blog’ page, I figure this would be a good note to start things off with:

I have a hard time relating to most venues for commentary on writing and culture—the ones that see their assured status as literary, in particular.  I could name several gentrified urban places that are mentioned on these venues everyday, as well as the upstate and rural places that are a bit more obviously exclusive.  Some of these are places where one can’t be faulted for wanting to live (if you like quiet and breathing room), but such one-sided living can make for something one-dimensional.  And when you write the dictionary, you get to call it something else.

I hope to make this a place where, even if it’s touching on something set in the furthest reaches of space, the posts are close enough to the ground that maybe they help you navigate it.  No glorifying messes, wherever they may be.


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