Meanwhile, sooner than expected

I found these stirring enough to bump up my link post.  They’re on slightly different spectrums, but they compliment each other.

There’s Linda on why she doesn’t “need a heroine who runs away crying and says she gives up.”  Rather, she needs a Roseanne — someone whose body-type has certainly rarely been seen in mainstream comics.  That may not seem like the best segue, until you saw that over at, Despina explores that  lack of physical variety:

While I identify with the female superhero body type, I am not unfamiliar with the marginalizing feeling of looking around and seeing people who are considered “attractive” or “sexy” who look nothing like you.

And on the portrayals of guys:

Here, as a woman, my complaint is less about identification and more about a simple desire for visual variety.

Put plain and simple, looking at them is boring! There is nothing there to hold my eye because they don’t have any differences to catalog.

The whole thing:

Behold, a male hero type: pretty much the same for over a hundred years.

Regarding the landscape ahead here, in addition to the self-spun content, I have  an interview (or two) that I look forward to see coming together.  You can, too.


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