In addition to the recent interview with Roger Langridge posted here, a few works of interest elsewhere:

Jennie Whitwood on ‘The changing role of women in comics‘:

It’s a time of change for comic books. The last few months have seen a lot of hype around the new DC Universe, and a push to increase diversity and appeal to a wider market of readers. With controversy also being caused by the medium’s uneven gender portrayals, it has become more important than ever to examine the role of women in mainstream superhero comics.

In an interesting, older post, Alex Tisdale acknowledged that the wave of diversity in comics is “just for the sake of diversity, but that does not mean it lacks sincerity.  Comics as a medium reflect the world around us.”

On NPR, Eric Deggans examined “How TV Shows Use BBFs To Appear Racially Diverse” :

For a BBF, this is job one: patiently explaining the magic of life to their white best friend, in ways only a cool, non-white person can. In reality, BBFs are often a diversity head fake – a quick way to make the casts of TV shows look racially diverse, without taking time to create real characters of color with storylines all their own.

Grace Eyre  on ‘Womenfolk in NBC’s “Community”‘:

I think it’s tragic that a show as smart as Community still hasn’t really found its footing with regards to Shirley.  On the other hand, the fact that they have a single-mom, late-thirties, full-figured black woman as part of the core ensemble is itself a step in the right direction.  I think that people demand a lot more of Community because they’ve proven they can handle it.  They have a range of races, ages, and sexual orientations outside the study group.  They even treat overweight people like real people, which in itself, makes me want to throw my hands up and hollah.  So people regularly complain about the show not doing more toward diversity.  Which is fair.


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