Excerpted from Alok Vaid-Menon’s “Brick Lane: On Race and Hipster Culture”:

‘From Brooklyn to Brick Lane, ethnic neighborhoods across the world in the past decade have seen an influx of young, White, alternative college graduates . . .

‘In this essay I am interested in exploring how can we conceptualize the increasing prevalence of hipsters, especially considering contemporary discourse and emphasis around racial justice? Why do hipsters continue to be white?

Brick Lane is a starting place. The streets, warehouses, and bars of Brick Lane speak to histories of immigration, racism, and globalization that are crucial to understanding hipster identity formation across the world. Through an exploration of Brick Lane I will theorize about the origin and prevalence of hipster identity. Specifically, I will argue that the rise of ‘the hipster’ is best understood as an attempt to re-imagine Whiteness, and that White hipster identities and communities are based on racist and colonial paradigms that marginalize people of color.’

Nikesha of “Change Comes Slow” on “Scripted Black Television: An Endangered Species”:

‘The problem is our waiting and wishing for something better won’t make network executives or Hollywood studio heads see the viability in providing a show to represent their minority audience just as well as their majority audience when the minority makes do with what it’s given. I can’t say a boycott of any show except our own is the answer, because it’s not, but I also know giving trash reality shows more time of day than we do our own scripted dramas and sit-coms is not the answer either.’

At “Movements and Moments,” Molly writes that theory ‘suggests ideal practices, giving us a framework by which to evaluate our actual practices. The process is cyclical of course, but in the quest for understanding our worlds, theory is the process in which we are able to draw generalizations and relationships between our experiences, rather than just experience them.’

Ryan Shorthouse’s “Tear down the social ghettos”:


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