At the bottom of a pixelated hole

From Community’s “Digital Estate Planning” episode.

If greenhouse gases are progressively making the world’s air a little denser, it’s probably most apparent in big, urban collectives at summertime–unless you’re in such a place and have some sense of community, which, yes, even makes breathing thick air a bit easier.  But a sense of community tends to be reserved more for isolated places, and what passes for community in the former is often its own version of isolation.

More often than not, the series “Community” lived up to its name:  Community with a capital ‘C’ — such that anyone who wasn’t a selfish bastard found a pretty good sense of it, and even the character at the bottom of that hole in the picture above (Pierce, who’s  very nearly a bastard) gets to climb out.   In “Digital Estate Planning,” Pierce’s father puts him and his friends through a gaming ringer to ensure his inheritance.  Along with the seemingly all-powerful executor of the Hawkthorne estate (left in image) they find themselves having to work against the master programming of the vastly unfair and unfeeling Hawkthorne legacy.  As mentioned before, Dan Harmon, whose sensibilities helped such a thing come together, was fired.

So, if you’ve had a hard week and the image with some of the first black and brown faces in 8-bit mode ever doesn’t make the world seem like there’s still something out there for you, maybe you can try an actual test game-version of “Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne,” as relayed courtesy of Dave Trumbore at Collider:

“While it’s great that Community recently received six Critics’ Choice nods and will be returning for 13 episodes next season, it sucks that showrunner Dan Harmon won’t be returning.  Somewhere in that bittersweet middle, we can find ourselves stomping on 8-bit hippies and dodging jive turkeys.”

‘Nuff said.   Find out more about the game at the Collider link  or maybe work on some more silver linings.   It’d probably be good if they weren’t all in pixels.


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