The Infinite Wait is over (kind of)

“The Infinite Wait” from Koyama Press.

More accurately, the wait for “The Infinite Wait” is over.  The latest collection of comics by Julia Wertz is now available for sale at her online store and other venues.   Her comics are frequently funny and never mundane — a combination well worth supporting.

A short excerpt from the interview that she was kind enough to do with me at this very blog:

“I made The Infinite Wait because I had been working on a book about sobriety that was really becoming too difficult to manage and I wanted to do something that was much more lighthearted. So, uh, I did a story about being diagnosed with systemic lupus. Yeah.”

For much more (with the added bonus of seeing her work), check out that interview:

Julia Wertz on The Infinite Wait, being off Pizza Island, and comedy with humanity and also


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