I’m a little young for their main demographic (or, at least, I’m on the younger side of it), but Rocker Zine puts out great material for rock music devotees across the board–including those tapped into its rhythm and blues roots.  A little while back I reviewed North, the latest album by the Canadian band Stars, for them.  Excerpted:

In songs like the title track and ‘Lights Changing Colour,’ Torquil Campbell and Amy Milan sing about things I never thought I’d hear this particular band singing about, crafting lyrics that sound like the most poetic lines in a novel on subjects like feeling stuck, what it takes to trudge on, and the silver linings of losing streaks.  In an album tempered with a somber awareness of reality, there’s a dedication to resurgence amid the harshness of life that makes it all quite inspiring.

Dwayne McDuffie was a writer whose comic book work included co-founding Milestone Comics with the intention of developing characters to fill the void of minorities in the medium’s mainstream venues.  In creating Static, a character that garnered an animated series, he certainly did help do that, even with the compromises that some independent voices were critical of in his work.

On culture war reporters, Evan nicely memorializes McDuffie.  Excerpted below:

 “This post is one that I write with both deep respect for its subject, as well as a great sense of loss. His impact on the world of comics is greater than many realize, and it was a truly tragic event when he passed away on February 21st of last year due to complications from emergency heart surgery.”

The Obligatory Spider Queen spins a good blog (See what I did there . . . Cheesy, but in a good way).  A post that looks at women of color in videogames, excerpted:

” . . . this reoccurence of silky white hair seems to me to be intended to send some kind of message that says ‘It’s okay, these women aren’t THAT black.'”

“It reminds me of the dark elves from D&D. In theory, they’re meant to have dark skin and white hair, but their features are usually european and frequently their skin is lightened to a pearly pale grey or blue. In some cases their ‘darkness’ is done away with altogether. It’s an understandable decision, the premise of the ‘evil’ elves being more dark skinned is messed up from the get-go but then you fall into the question of whether or not negative representation is better than less representation. I don’t know how to answer that one, because I pass as white and it affects me less.”

Jesse of the Swedish/English language blog URBANILLUSTRATED muses on life in the Village:

 ‘It is comfortable to walk around there. I go the feeling that no problem is too big to solve. However, I came to my senses and for what I know this is a “paid for atmosphere”. It has not always been this quiet. The place was gentrified, rents increased and people therefore displaced. So…yes I liked The Village and I could see myself live in a neighborhood like that in the future. But who has to move to make place for me?’

Last but not least, James of Following Pulitzer wrote a thoughtful review of The Grapes of Wrath that’s also well worth reading.


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