Old stories, new refrigerators

If there was one anomaly on TV last year, it was this commercial:

A photogenic man and woman get caught up in a romance fit for any mainstream movie or TV show.  They go through all the proper motions (being attractive; longing looks; um, being attractive), and then, somehow, they’re separated . . . Gasp!  Will true love win the day?  In the ensuing rush to reunite with each other, they run–and our hearts are usually supposed to be with them–straight into the side of a refrigerator.

Of course, this is just my interpretation, but, whatever that is, it’s kind of against the curve. If something like that can get into the shuffle, then there’s cause for a bit of optimism.  Usually, even if we don’t look anything like the standard torchbearers, those are the people we’re supposed to root for–without any need on their part to show us that they’re worth rooting for.  Some people probably root more for the ideas of such characters more than they do themselves.

That commercial seemed like a little block to that.

Maybe not everything on a TV screen is invested with the tropes of storybooks, modern as they may be.


One response to “Old stories, new refrigerators

  1. I think you may have hit on what made that commercial so hilarious–why that refrigerator collision was so unexpected. Because the trope had been going so “well” up until then.

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