Small towns in big cities

From Ryan Sager’s “How Big Cities Can Lead to Small Thoughts“:

“Though big cities have more than their share of trailblazers, with gentrification they’re attracting wealthier and more risk-averse, group-oriented types,” says Richard Florida, author of “The Rise of the Creative Class,” which explored the question of which cities are most creative and why. “Hipster urban cultures can be just as monolithic, homogenous and creativity-squelching as any other,” he says.

For all the admiration heaped on cities as sources of creative frisson, there’s nothing magic about concrete and good cappuccino that keeps us from sorting ourselves into social satrapies. Sometimes it’s a trendy phone, sometimes it’s a monolithic political or ideological culture. But whatever it is, “small town” thinking can crop up as easily in the megalopolis as in Palookaville. For those satisfied in their city ways, it may just take a little extra effort to Think Different.


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