Etsy: Selling Hate

Handmade Golliwog Items as of Oct 22

Last year while browsing online, I was surprised to come across a minstrel doll, known as a golliwog in the UK, for sale on internet marketplace, Etsy.  Etsy is one of those hipster-y websites where artisans and crafters of all kinds sell their wares.  They get a nice, neat, well-maintained website to use and Etsy gets a small percentage of the seller’s profits as a fee. Etsy’s Terms of Use are pretty straightforward and include a “Do’s and Don’ts” section that outlines a ‘Prohibited’ list of wares seller’s aren’t allowed to offer… and this list includes items that promote hate or demean people based on race/ethnicity.  So when I saw the golliwog caricature staring back at me on a seller’s page my initial thought wasn’t, “Etsy is racist and must go DOWNNNN!!!” I thought that there was some poor, misguided soul out there selling something racist and…

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  1. GROW UP , golliwogs are made with love and adored by many people . They are cute lovable and very popular so what’s your problem.

    • I didn’t write this; I reblogged it from a great writer whom I happen to agree with. Golliwogs were popularized when the mainstream ideal of black and brown people was ‘dark skin equals inferiority and happily and politely servile.’ They were shaped in the same mold as many pieces of racist iconography that, like golliwogs, are not at all popular where there’s a dialogue about racism.

      A great resource by the aforementioned writer:

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