Coolness, Elvis and all that jazz

I did this for an interesting blog that delves into race.  Check out the whole post (and that blog) at the link after the excerpt:

Every now and then in your average mainstream comedy the jokes skew toward making fun of black culture.  Someone will say something that overreaches from the constant and  (relatively) subtler uses of black slang and colloquialisms to what is practically pantomime.  Before that overspill, though, you’re just watching characters whom the audience accepts as being in tune with some kind of coolness.  Often these characters are people who want to be cool; they wish they were more like that guy or gal who’d sneer at them on a line to get into a club.  Alternately, they’re either pathetic for not being cool enough, or, in your less empty sitcoms, their humanity is juxtaposed with the emptiness of coolness.

Coolness, Elvis and all that jazz


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