Colorblindness: A Definition

It’s not uncommon to hear people who pride themselves on being enlightened saying that race doesn’t matter — which, ideally, of course it doesn’t. But it’s not an ideal world, and to give any pretense that it is only benefits those whom never want to think about the inherent value they’re given because of the way they look. Across the spectrum, there are people who buy into the idea that looks, where one lives or what family ones belong to does actually equate to a kind of superiority — either at the cost of any real sense of self-worth for themselves (how many non-white people live vicariously through white people on TV, in the movies, etc.) or because the melting pot in which they’re less black (whether by the association one has through this to looks, neighborhood, or family) is fine by them. I think the preceding post defining colorblindness over at Magic Mulatto gets to the heart of this.


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