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Quite proud of this

And you can be, too (well, of having read it).  An excerpt from my piece on Sleepy Hollow and diversity at the great Den of Geek: “What separates Sleepy Hollow from other shows? It doesn’t completely disavow the ethnic backgrounds of characters played by people of colour – and not in the Seth McFarlane way, where without different backgrounds and the general existence of women there would be no one to say ‘Ha ha, you’re ______’ about, thus eliminating a good percentage of the show’s comedic material…”


All too fleeting

Estella Daniels as Nala and Elliot Knight as Sinbad in the Sky One series .

With their 2012 take on Sinbad, Sky1 took the legendary sailor and gave the family-action adventure genre a thoroughly modern spin. Beyond contemporary notions that heroes come in all shapes and sizes (and colors), the casting of Elliot Knight as Sinbad was a rare instance of them being actualized. While the classic stories have always been ripe for adapting with people of African and Mediterranean descent, past iterations have rarely (if ever) seen anybody like that take the lead. Boldly excellent casting didn’t stop with Sinbad; it extended itself to all the members of the show’s ensemble cast. While the show had plenty of action to keep Sinbad and his friends busy, there was also a care given to character- and world-building that’s chief among the reasons the show deserved more than its twelve-episode run.

The optimist

“I like that dichotomy of trying to keep the positive view. It’s so easy to go ‘I give up’, it’s horrible. But you can’t do that. You have to know that it’s there.

“It’s weird. I’m an optimist whose mantra now is ‘expect the worst’. I’ve had to find a balance. I just got knocked down so much. But I never want to lose that side of myself. You have to admit that the bad stuff is out there, it’s going to hit, so how do I get through it?”

– Paul Feig, creator of Freaks and Geeks, in an interview at Den of Geek.  Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/paul-feig/26598/paul-feig-on-the-heat-freaks-geeks-confidence