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happy new post

So maybe to really appreciate any notion of a new year, one has to settle into it for a while, to the point where maybe it’s February and the so called “new” year really just seems like a continuation of the last. Okay, obviously the newness is in the calendar year, but there’s this always this sense that things could be miraculously new. Less sparkly and nicer than that, I think, is simply the whole life continued thing. And so here’s continuing.

I’d noticed a lot of people didn’t really enjoy the holidays; they’re a time when hype makes people feel like they should be part of something either conducive to fulfilled materialism (which is always going to leave one feeling empty) or, more ideally, something warm, loving and fulfilling. But that latter bit isn’t easy to come by; rather, it’s what we should be trying to build toward every day, and life, with its pains and scars amid a world of hegemonies, makes that hard. So when it comes to a particularly so called holiday like Valentine’s Day, instead of feeling left out of some loop, give yourself a break from the notion that life should be this commercial where fulfillment is effortless and people gloriously trade in cultural capital.

In other news, I’ve obviously let up on the posts — but I certainly plan on trying to add to the about the blog-ness when I can. The Eleanor Davis interview I did a few posts ago is something I think is pretty great, in that regard.

Thanks for visiting this at present infrequently updated blog. Less is more, folks.


Get thee behind me, Cupid

R. Pinero art

R. Pinero art

Almost time for Valentine’s Day again, which means it’ll be hard to avoid all the wuv: the schmaltzy stuff of destiny as portrayed in movies like a well-timed “Winter’s Tale.”  In such epic tales of romance, love is the virtuous domain of a dreamer — a handsome dreamer who dares to love a woman in the prime of her beauty!

And you thought there were no noble dreams left.

Truthfully, those of us plugged into most cultures have been influenced to have a similar dream, with the same flimsy sensibilities.  Cupid would have us happily fluttering around a glowing light, oblivious to anything else — until that light doesn’t quite glow the way it used to.  Any love worth celebrating isn’t so fickle or shallow.

So if you haven’t bought into wuv, maybe being single on Valentine’s Day is kinda sorta noble.  Or at least, knowing you shouldn’t care if you happen to be.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

valentine’s day

From Vendable, by Pinero and me

Yes, Fatima.  It is almost time for Valentine’s Day again.  Let’s see . . . Paper hearts, a definite uplift in the number of commercials equating jewelry with love.  Yup.  Far be it from me to harp on a day that also encourages the copious intake of chocolate, but most of the best people I know have never really had much of a reason to enjoy the day otherwise.  This, one of the most commercialized event days, tends to equate being loveable with how much of this or that you have.  The world via media becomes a high-end store (or quaint boutique, or what have you), and if that’s not your thing and you can’t quite get yourself out of tune with that frequency, this goes out to you.  Four songs about life and love that I think are heartening for the broken and resource-challenged (and yet, somehow, still very worthwhile), all artist YouTube official-like or from the record company/music program: